Monday, January 9, 2017

Alexa, Organize Me!

I heard on the news about the little girl in Texas who told  “Alexa” she wanted cookies and a dollhouse. And what arrived on the doorstep? You got it! Four and half pounds of sugar cookies and a $160 dollhouse. As a professional organizer, I sometimes ask my clients to tell me a little about the boxes often piled at the front door. I think poor “Alexa” will become the scapegoat for many a spontaneous order!

“Alexa”, the voice activated digital assistant in Amazon’s Echo Dot will no doubt make life easier. You can use “Alexa” to purchase more stuff or you can let her help you get organized. It’s like your very own genie in a bottle - use it wisely!

Alexa can not only add things to your to-do list via Evernote, your shopping list via or your calendar via Google Calendar, she can connect to some of your other favorite apps enabling you to send an email to yourself or send a reminder alarm to your phone in case you wander out of earshot.  It’s like having an assistant follow you around with a notepad.
Need a little more hands-on help? Try this “Alexa, call 21times Professional Organizing.”