Monday, February 7, 2011

A car trunk is smaller than even the tiniest Manhattan apartment...

So I decide to move 21times to LA. You need a car in LA, so I decide to drive my car across this beautiful country. Now, what can I bring? Hmmm, I guess whatever fits in my trunk....hmmm. Okay, it was time for some EXTREME downsizing! First, I invited everyone I know to come have a look at my "treasures" and take whatever they would use. What was left I would pop into my trunk! Well, maybe not. Time for some serious visualizing. I had already given a lot of thought to what I might like my new place to look like but now I had to get down to the nitty gritty. I started by developing a vision of what I wanted my "new LA life" to look like...right down to the silverware in the kitchen drawers. This was the fun part, because it could be anything- any life I wanted to create for myself. Then I took a good look at my "stuff". While it's sometimes hard to decide what to keep and what to let was really easy to step back and say "Does this fit into the vision of my new LA life?" Yes, no, no, no, weeellllllll- NOPE!, yes definitely, no, yup....and so on. Quick and easy! ; ) Ready to pop into the trunk....geez, I thought this trunk was much bigger! Okay, what do I NEED for my new life? I started to think of what I would have to replace as soon as I was there...Still too much??? Okay- what will I REALLY need to replace once I'm there? And voila` (sort of) it all fit. And, of course, a few things that are irreplaceable and I'm ready to go! The rest was off to my favorite thrift shop! I must give credit to Maureen, one of my fabulous 21times team members in New York,  for keeping me on track (it's what we do!).  ; )


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